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General information about Korea and some necessary information can be find by

Korea is a very safe country to travel around but don’t forgot the usual travel rules. Korea is what the tourism concerns in the big cities very accessible. The situation is different in the smaller towns and in the not so interesting regions. Here you need great luck to find some English-speaking taxi drivers, motel owners or other people.

Here is basic knowledge of Korean language and writing necessary.


You have different options depending on whether you are planning to stay in the country for just a few weeks or for a longer period. The information listed above is valid for 2011. So usually see some pictures from rooms in different price ranges.

25000 WON Hostel Single Room with private bathroom and toilet

40000 WON Motel Single Room with private bathroom and toilet

55000 WON Motel VIP Single Room with private bathroom and toilet

If you only have a small budget, staying in a hostel will be your cheapest option.

Hostels usually have an English-language version of their website and staff who speak at least some level of English. However, anyone whose budget can stretch to staying in a hotel or motel for a bit extra will sleep much better and more comfortably. Hotels with English/language speakers and website are very expensive. For hotels and motels without English/language speakers, a basic knowledge of Korean is useful but you can save a lot of money here.

Anyone who wants to spend several months or years in the country can make an arrangement with a hostel or motel for a monthly rate.

Renting an apartment or a single room is not too expensive. However, it should be noted that the deposit for an apartment is often as high as 15 times the monthly rent. Also electricity, heating and water will need to be paid on top. There are several real estate offices in every district. You should always have someone accompany you who knows about contracts and rental agreements in Korea. Don’t just blindly sign a contract.

Apartment with bathroom, toilett, kitchen and underfloor heating. WLAN was here included.
Monthly rent 400000 WON – Deposit 5000000 WON

Apartment communities are another option for a longer stay.


It is possible to rent a mobile phone at Incheon Airport, but if you’re planning a longer stay you should think about getting a contract phone, which usually run for 2 years. Otherwise you can just get a prepaid mobilphone with a Korean number for example by FreeT.

The same also applies for mobile internet usage. If you have a girlfriend or a good friend in Korea he can arrange a data sharing 3G card for your iPad or tablet/laptop. WLAN is very widespread throughout Korea but you have to register.


Buses are an easy, convenient and quick way to get around the country. However, they have the disadvantage of having no toilets and they can occasionally run late due to traffic congestion. Trains are faster and more confortable. However, smaller cities can only be reached by making several changes and not every city has a train station. When you take the Bus make sure you have the ticket until the end of the trip with you.. Do you have to change the bus because of a breakdown necessarily take the trip ticket and give this ticket by your exit the bus driver.

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