Rattenberg is a small town in Tyrol.

St. Virgilius

Castle Rattenberg

Gut Matzen near Rattenberg


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  1. It looks cold — and beautiful!


  2. Lovely photos! I wish I could see it all for myself!

  3. Beautiful photos and scenery. Thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  4. Beautiful Photographs! Thanks for sharing them.

  5. I visit Rattenberg every summer on our vacation but I’ve never seen it with snow. Great pics! 😀

  6. Very cool, foreboding shots! I love the atmoshpere they evoke!

  7. Great pictures
    ! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! … following your blog.

  8. The castle is fantastic!

  9. Carlie Chew,

    Gorgeous pictures!

  10. Excellent photos – they give a real feeling of this town. Creative eye you have….

  11. I just love the look of Germanic towns! ❤

  12. photos are serenely beautiful.. looks peaceful out there.

  13. martin,

    Great shots, especially the ethereal #dsc03734. I also particularly like #dsc03727. Oops my bias towards the great doors of Germany is showing.

  14. Wonderful pictures…likes

  15. nella32000,

    Very cool photographs. Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed.

  16. I could get lost there. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place with us.

  17. bookjunkie,

    I was there last month!

  18. Ana,

    Beautiful town! I would love living in Austria

  19. Great job taking these photos! Thank you for generously sharing them.

  20. I love the photo of the standalone archway. Makes me long to go back to Europe, and experience the culture of their architecture.

  21. Thank you for sharing your photos. I like the castle photos.

    There’s a sense of melancholy in your photos, probably due to the cold and snow, but they are lovely none the less:)

  22. Beautiful photos. Winter never looked so romantic.


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